Bubble Your Troubles Away...

    Immersion, an Artesian Spa, welcomes you with open arms. Convincingly tranquil, the crowding events of the day, just for that moment slip away. Hydrotherapy is more than an anatomical experience, it is a mental state, a place of calm, rest, comfort. Some come to confide in their spas as to a friend or companion. Your Artesian spa experience begins with unparalleled design, merging elegance and functionality to bring you the very best in spa enjoyment. An Artesian spa is far and away the most beautiful spa you can buy. One look and you will appreciate the symmetry of the design, the contours and the shapes, the aesthetic touches--from the glow-through pillows to the diamond ornament--that so successfully enhances the visual posture or the spa.

Once you get up close and see the details, you know there is nothing like an Artesian - visit:












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